Sunday, October 4, 2009


Bought a pair of these DKNY Color Block Tights yesterday and decided to play with them by supressing all my instincts toward color. Even in my accessories.

(I am wearing a very brightly colored bra and underwear, however, which makes me feel a little better.)

merino two-tone sweater: Coincidentally, also DKNY
shorts: Gap
tights: DKNY
shoes: Pour la Victoire
pearls: vintage
fragrance: Chanel Gardenia

Originally I put it on with a black pencil skirt, but I thought the shorts pulled it down a little. I dunno -- classically Chanel-y or just gimmicky? What do you think?

These are the shoes -- click photo for link. Kind of amazing how well they match the tights.

Pour La Victoire - Joelle (Black/Birch) - Footwear

Another real conversation-starter, these. I love them, but they rub my big toes a little. Unfortunately, I didn't remember that until I was already kitted out in the whole rig, so I had to peel off all the waist-down bits so I could put some blister band-aids on my little toesies, then climb back in again. But those blister band-aids are genius -- I highly recommend 'em.


Claudia said...

I love the tights and the shoes... I think that I would probably love this outfit more with a skirt than these shorts, but what would I know? I admire your monochromatic restraint :)

J. said...

I actually think the shorts work great! Funky tights and sort of need to go all the way with them.

etoilee8 said...

This outfit is too awesome. The tights and shoes really work out nicely together.