Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 24

Finally cool enough to bust out the cords...

hot pink cords: J. Crew
black t-shirt: C+C
black ponte knit vest: 5/48
patent & suede brogues: Donald J. Pliner
fringe necklace: DIY
square gold ring: Selen Jewelry

They'd probably throw my hot pink ass Right. Out. Of a Givenchy boutique if I walked in wearing these, but I don't care. I love color, this is what I'm all about. The shoes were an impulse buy and a damned good one. I've gotten a lot of wear out of these and they are stupidly comfortable, I can stomp around in them for hours. Pliner makes wicked good shoes at reasonable prices.

Donald J Pliner - Haiden (Black Suede) - Footwear

These are them. Fantastic shoes. And apparently they are also available in purple

Donald J Pliner - Haiden (Plum Suede) - Footwear

the knowledge of which is giving me the vapors. I can't possibly justify... can I?

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Claudia said...

oooh, I like this outfit a lot. I love the contrast of your crazy pink cords (and I'm sure you're right about that Givenchy boutique) with the sober chic of the rest of the outfit. Wish I could see the fringe necklace a bit more in the photo, but I'm sure it's swingin' in real life!