Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26

(I'm laughing at Shine.)

blouse: DVF
bandage skirt: BCBG
shoes: Alaia
bangle: vintage Lanvin

These shoes are so insanely good.

These are manhattan-drinking shoes, and I drank one tonight while I wore them. (Dry and up, thank you.) I imagine I'll be wearing these for many years to come, and they were scored at the Neiman Marcus outlet for a criminally low price --- seriously less than 10% of original retail. All hail Last Call.

Also -- all hail the bandage skirt. Counter-intuitively, I recommend bunging one on whenever you're feeling less than svelte. It's like a girdle without the girdle-y bits. I should probably buy a couple of backups of these, because I'm going to wear this one to shreds.

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Claudia said...

love, love those shoes. Just at the right intersection of beautiful and useful.