Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fish Tacos

Met a dear friend for lunch. Wish I got to see her more often -- she's so busy and successful she gives me a terrible inferiority complex. Or she would if she weren't such an angel.

rayon knit top: $13 Marshall's randomness. Surprisingly good, it's got kind of a Jonathan Saunders vibe to it.
black capris: Saks store brand. Bought two pairs of these, thank goodness.
ponté knit jacket: Theory. Everything I bought this summer is knit. What's up with that?
turquoise bubble platforms: Fendi
fringe necklace: DIY

Better view of the top:

I stopped in Marshall's for running socks or something else innocuous and did a drive-by of the tops. I kinda love this silly thing -- I've been looking for print tops. If I only wear it twice I still got my money's worth at 13 bucks.

Turquoise darlings:

Have gotten a surprisingly amount of wear out of these silly things. They've also probably saved me a heap of money, because many's the time I've looked hungrily at some extreme shoe or other and then thought, "Meh. I already have my blue Fendi platforms. Don't need 'em." They start a lot of conversations.

This outfit is going to get dressed down a little this evening for very casual drinks on the deck at a friend's house. I'll lose the fringe and replace the platforms with my little black patent Choo flats:

The most perfect-est black flats I've ever owned. Sadly, I did NOT buy two pairs of these. ::sigh::


J. said...

Great top, great price! For some reason I got a ton of wear out of my blue (turquoise) shoes this summer also!

Claudia said...

This top is way, way cooler than it should be for that price!

Pearl Westwood said...

OOOOH!! Ultimate shoe envy, they are so beautifu!!! They look great with your outfit too.